Swiss voters agreed to tighten gun laws


Last Sunday, Swiss voters agreed to tighten the gun laws to meet the appeal of EU’s. The wealthy Alpine nation is the world’s 16th country in terms of civilian firearms possession, but has rarely seen mass shootings.

According to RTS, a Switzerland’s public broadcaster, 63.7% of voters nationwide agreed the proposal to toughen the laws on firearms possession on Sunday which echoed the new European Union legislation well.




When the European Union demanded the Alpine country to abide by the bloc’s new legislation, the nation’s legislators approved new laws, which have prompted a national debate in Switzerland, resulting in strongly opposition from the gun lobby and shooting enthusiasts, who have managed to gather signatures and try to trigger a referendum.

Switzerland is not the member of EU, but it is closely linked to the bloc by many bilateral agreements. Switzerland is a member of the Schengen Area, which grants open borders between states, and also of the Dublin accords, which regulates Europe’s asylum seeking process. Therefore, approving the new gun legislation helps to maintain friendly relations with the EU, otherwise there would be some threatens on that, which has been warned by the Swiss government before the vote.



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