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Bulletproof vests are the most common protective equipment in military and security fields. And there are different kinds of vests designed for different application scenarios. In order to meet people’s requirements on comfort and performance, manufacturers have made many adjustments on the form and style of vests, such as inside-wearing and outside-wearing vests, full-protection vests and quick-release vests. Wuxi Newtech Armor has recently launched a new type of vest similar to T-shirt. Today we will introduce this new product, bulletproof T-shirt.


As the name suggests, bulletproof T-shirts are a new type of vest similar to the daily T-shirts in our daily life, which are soft and comfortable in texture. It is essentially different from the traditional bulletproof vests in appearance and wearing style. Traditional bullet-proof vests usually consist of front and rear parts with a bulletproof chip inside, which need to be fitted to the body first, and then closely connected by adjusting magic stickers. So, it is inconvenient to wear, which consumes a lot of effort, and they are not concealed enough, because they are too thick and heavy to be well hidden under ordinary clothes. In addition, they are also somewhat expensive.

The bulletproof T-shirt jacket is made of high elastic fiber, similar to the texture of sports vests in our life. The fiber is soft, elastic and breathable. The chest, abdomen and back of the T-shirt are equipped with a bullet-proof chip made of high-performance bullet-proof fiber material. The high elasticity T-shirt cloth can tightly fit the ballistic chip on the chest, abdomen and back of the wearer, thus avoiding the impact of the ballistic chip shaking during the battle. Without the magic sticker, it is simpler and more convenient to wear.

This kind bulletproof T-shirt can also be worn under coats and ordinary everyday clothing. And the vest is much lighter than traditional bulletproof vest, which further increases the comfort of users.

At the same time, this bullet-proof T-shirt is cheaper than traditional vest, which makes this T-shirt more suitable for civilian use and daily use. Everyone whose life and property are threatened should prepare such a daily protective equipment.

Of course, this bullet-proof T-shirt also has some disadvantages. For example, its protective area is less than traditional vest. Although the chips placed on the front, chest and back are big enough for the protection of the trunk of the user, the protection of the side abdomen is not enough.

In addition, the soft ballistic chip of ballistic-proof T-shirt can be made with a highest protection level of IIIA, and without pocket for hard inserts to further enhance the protection ability.

This bullet-proof T-shirt is suitable for low-risk applications or for routine protection. If you need this bullet-proof T-shirt, you can contact us immediately. We can provide you with customized services such as adding LOGO.




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