American unrest due to George Floyd death

According to BBC News, curfews have been ordered in cities across the US to try to stem unrest sparked by the death of a black man in police custody.

But they have been defied in many areas, with shops looted, cars burned and buildings attacked. From the flamboyant city of Minneapolis, to the CNN building that was smashed in Atlanta, to the besieged White House in Washington, and the fall of the Trump Tower in Chicago ... All these are happening in the US. Riot police have used tear gas and rubber bullets.

On May 24, in Minnesota Minneapolis, an African-American man was controlled by three white police officers because he has paid with a counterfeit $20 note. Officers were attempting to put him in a police vehicle when he dropped to the ground, telling them he was claustrophobic. With Mr Chauvin's knee on his neck, Mr Floyd can be heard saying "please, I can't breathe" and "don't kill me", but deceived by the police, pressed on the ground for 7 minutes and lost vital signs.

According to the latest news, Huge demonstrations have taken place in at least 30 cities across the US. They were largely peaceful on Saturday, but violence flared later in the day. One of the cities worst affected by unrest is Los Angeles. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in the city and activated the National Guard - the reserve military force that can be called on to intervene in domestic emergencies. Police arrested about 4,100 people in U.S. cities over the weekend, according to the Associated Press, and have killed at least several people nationwide. Nearly a week after Floyd’s death, it remains unclear whether tensions across the country are calming or escalating.

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