Chicago Shooting Incident


In November 19, 2018, a shooting incident occurred in a hospital in Chicago.

According to the police, the shooting incident happened at 3 p.m. A man fired wantonly in the hospital. he shot a woman firstly, then started shooting randomly at the crowd. People fled everywhere in panic, causing a great confusion.

This incident caused 2 dies, 4 injuries (including a Chicago policeman). According to media reports, the policeman was seriously injured and was taken to hospital for treatment, and one of the 2 dead is considered to be the suspect in the shooting.


         Chicago Shooting Incident

                                                                     Chicago Shooting Incident


At present, the shooting incident has ended, and the safety of hospitals and patients has also been guaranteed.

Recently, shootings have occurred in a high frequency, seriously disturbing public order, and threatening people's lives and safety. How to ensure our own safety in public places has become a growing concern.



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