What is an explosion shield?


In recent years, conflicts in war-stricken areas have become more and more frequent, even in some peaceful areas, illegal cluster riots arise from time to time. We can often see that the riot police always carry a large transparent board as a protective tool, when maintaining order and suppressing the rioters. So, what is the board? What are they used for?

Actually, the boards carried by these riot policemen are called explosion shields. Explosion shield is a common defense device used by riot police. It usually consists two parts, a plate and a bracket. The shield plate is the main part, which is usually convex circular arc or arc rectangular in shape; the bracket part works as the supporter, and it can be fixed on the back of the shield plate by connecting parts.

The riot shield is generally used to deal with some small conflicts such as group riots. It can effectively prevent the attack of some objects such as bricks, stones, sticks and glass bottles. What’s more, it also has good resistance to bullets, shock wave and strong light. The explosion shield is transparent, which makes it look very fragile, but in fact, it is strong enough to withstand the extrusion of small vehicles, short-range shooting of general guns, and attack of some knifes. It can also resist the shock wave and shrapnel of hand mines from a small distance. During combat, the person in front often holds a riot shield to provide good cover for his companies behind.


         Explosion Shield

                                                                                 Explosion Shields


Explosion shields are usually made of light materials such as polycarbonate, PC and FRP, among which PC is regarded as the best material. Compared with the shields made of other materials, PC one has higher transparency, lighter weight, and strong impact resistance and durability. It can withstand the attack of small caliber guns, projectiles and sharp objects, as well as the corrosion of acids, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that several untrained persons with explosion shields can subdue a terrorist with weapons. Therefore, explosion shields have long been regarded as ideal protective and combat devices for riot police who often confront criminals.



                                                                                Explosion Shields

Since explosion shields have so many advantages, should all the army and police be equipped with explosion shields in the execution of their duties? In fact, explosion shield is not needed in the army. The war is always very cruel and the battlefield is usually very complex, so the devices with large volume and heavy weight such as shields are not applicable. They will hinder the user's tactical action, consume the user's physical strength, thus affecting the operational effectiveness.

Above is all the clarification for explosion shields. 

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