Merry Christmas!


This white winter, in the midnight sky came the crisp voice of Santa Claus’ deer cart. This warm, auspicious and happy Christmas is coming again as scheduled! Laughter and good luck have filled every corner of the world. The Christmas trees with twinkling lights are covered with exquisite Christmas gifts from the merciful Santa Claus. On this special and happy day, we want to thank all of you for your company, trust and support.

Here, Newtech wishes you the sincerest blessing, and a happy Christmas! In the coming days, may you enjoy good health, live a happy life and have a smooth career.


         Happy Christmas!

                                                                           Happy Christmas!


In addition, it is cold outside, so you should pay attention to keep warm and take care of your safety when going out for a party with your relatives and friends.



The Common Structure of Bullets
America NIJ Bulletproof Standard

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