Shooting incident in a Bowling Alley of California

On January 5, 2019, a shooting incident occurred in a bowling alley in Torrens, California, USA, resulting in three deaths and four injuries.

According to detailed media reports, there was a fierce fight at first, and then and then multiple gunshots in a bowling alley called "Gable House Bowl" that night. When the police arrived at the scene, three men were found killed and four others injured. At present, the police are trying to find the gunman, and there is still no arrest information.




The scene was totally in chaos. Several police cars parked outside the bowling alley to block nearby roads. People gathered nervously behind the cordon, and anxiously to find their friends and family members there.

Witnesses said they heard nine shots and saw a man shot in the back with bloodstains on his white coat. An employee of the bowling alley told the media that there were very few violent incidents in the alley, people usually go there for birthday party. The shooting is still under further investigation.



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