NIJ Standard for Ballistic Helmets


NIJ Standard-0106.01 is an equipment standard developed by the Law Enforcement Standards Laboratory of the National Bureau of Standards. It is produced as part of the Technology Assessment Program of the National Institute of Justice. This standard is a technical document that specifies performance and other requirements equipment must meet to conform to the needs of criminal justice agencies for high quality service.

According to this standard, ballistic helmets covered are classified into three types, by level of performance. They are respectively level I, level IIA, and level II. Each level is set based on certain threats, which are all shown as below.

Abbreviations: FMJ—Full Metal Jacketed JSP—Jacketed Soft Point LRHV—Long Rifle High Velocity RN—Round Nose

Above is all the instruction of ballistic helmets standards. Purchasers can use the test methods described in this report to determine firsthand whether a particular piece of equipment meets the standards, or they may have the tests conducted on their behalf by a qualified testing laboratory.



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