The difference between NIJ standard 0101.04 vs 0101.06

NIJ standard 0101.06 is the newest bulletproof vest standard that sets minimum resistance requirements as well as test methods to be followed for bullet proof vests and ballistic plates. The standard is only for bullet proof vests and ballistic plates, and does not deal with edged blades or other pointed instruments.

NIJ standard 0101.06 has already replaced the following standards NIJ standard 0101.04 (2001) and NIJ 2005 Interim Requirements (2005).



NIJ Standard 0101.06 gives stricter requirements, which are shown as increased resistance against today's threats, greater demands for ballistic test of the bullet proof vests, and better durability of the body armor.

Areas on which NIJ 0101.06 is different than the previous bulletproof standards will be reviewed in the following text:

1. Velocity of bullets has changed


2.The placement of the bullets has changed


3. Size and number of inserts and shot number

The above is all the clarification for the differences between NIJ Standard 0101.06 and 0101.04. If there are still some puzzles, welcome to contact us.



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