About Bulletproof Backpacks

When it comes to bulletproof equipment, most people will think of bulletproof vests, hard armor plates, and ballistic shields, etc., which are bulky and uncomfortable to wear, and are seldom worn unless necessary.




In fact, besides bulletproof vests, hard armor plates, and ballistic shields, you can also choose a bullet-proof backpack to protect your safety, which is more comfortable and convenience to use. Bullet-proof backpack is a combination of backpack and bullet-proof chip, and as its name implies, it can be used as a ballistic plate or hand-held shield to protect the wear’s back from the attack of bullets.

In some countries, especially the United States, the gun use tradition and deteriorating public security have resulted in frequent shooting incidents. As a result, an increasing number of parents, concerned for their children's safety considering the shooting incidents this past year, have been looking into bulletproof backpacks and bulletproof armor inserts as a means of protecting their children in such serious situations.




Is it necessary to buy and wear a bulletproof backpack?

The main purpose of people buying bulletproof backpack is for "Peace of Mind." Though no parent should wish that their child will ever need to use such a product, and their children do not necessarily encounter shooting incidents, it will never be wrong to prevent danger before it happened, and you can never be too careful in preparing beforehand. In addition, no bullet-proof products can definitely protect the wearer's life and safety, especially in the active shooting incidents, but as a security line, the bullet-proof equipment can reduce the damage caused by guns greatly, improving the chance of survival. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to buy bullet-proof backpacks for their children who go to school every day, especially in areas where public order is relatively bad and shooting cases are frequent. With the development of science and technology, the bullet-proof backpack has been constantly upgraded. More styles and practical designs are developed to meet the needs of students and business people. For example, bullet-proof backpacks of Newtech armor are designed with an external USB charging device and different capacities for students and business people.

Is it legal to buy and wear a bulletproof backpack?

An important question for people that decide to buy bulletproof backpack may be whether the bulletproof backpack is legal. On the whole, buying and wearing bullet proof backpacks are completely legal. Ordinary citizens can buy their own bullet-proof backpacks online or offline according to their needs and preferences.

What’s the protection level of the bulletproof backpack?

Bullet-proof backpacks are generally NIJ qualified with a protection level of IIIIA, and can stop 9 mm, .44 and other more powerful bullets at a distance more than 15 m. For some people, this protection level can’t meet our requirement. But in view of the case that shooting scene is often more complex, and many shooting injuries are not caused by direct fire at such a close distance, NIJ IIIA is enough for us in most cases.

 How to choose a quality backpack?

As people buy a backpack for protecting themselves from the attack of guns, the quality of bulletproof backpacks becomes a major concern for them. A good bullet-proof backpack can effectively resist or mitigate bullet damage, while an inferior backpack always fails in doing that. Therefore, it is necessary for us to buy bulletproof backpacks from authoritative manufacturers. There are many authoritative manufacturers of protective equipment, such as America’s Bullet Blocker and Guard Dog, as well as china’s Newtech (Wuxi), which are all equipped with excellent R&D teams, abundant production experiences. Their products are all NIJ qualified, which you can feel free to buy and use.  

Newtech armor has been focusing on the research and development of bulletproof products for 11 years, and offers a full line of military hard armor plats with the protection levels of NIJ IIIA, III, and IV. When considering the purchase of hard armor plates, you can visit our website to find the best one for yourself.

Above ia all the clarification for gun violence. If there are still some questions, welcome to contact us.

Newtech has been long dedicated to the development and research of bulletproof equipment, we provide quality NIJ III PE Hard Armor Plates and NIJ IIIA vests, as well as many other products. When considering the purchase of hard armor plates, you can visit the website of Newtech to find the best one for yourself.




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