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Today’s ballistic helmet is an essential part of the modern police of security force safety gear. They are not just for military use. The ballistic helmet is suitable for any organization that might need impact protection and will benefit from ballistic protection as well. For example, not just SWAT teams, but riot control forces and even patrol officers who might respond to active shooters should have the security of a ballistic helmet.




Firstly, modern ballistic helmets provide different levels of protection. The levels are generally tested in accordance with the National Institute of Justice. The NIJ rates ballistic protection based on what rounds the item proved capable of stopping during rigorous testing. Levels III and IV will stop common rifle rounds. Levels I through IIIA are rated to stop various handgun rounds, with level IIIA having stopped handgun rounds including the .44 magnum. While other rounds are not always tested, there is a presumption that a ballistic helmet that will stop a .44 magnum round, will also protect against a .25 auto or some other lessor powered ammunition.

There are mainly three types of helmets in structure, PASGT, FAST, and MICH. They are differentiated by the height of hear cut. PASGT is the abbreviation of Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops by most, is a Kevlar and Spectra composite construction that traditionally has 19 separate layers of bullet protection. The PASGT helmet has a level IIIA protection rating against both shrapnel and ballistics. It is designed to partially cover the wearer's ears. The Modular Integrated Communications helmet, commonly called the MICH helmet, was the next step in helmet design. It is generally a Kevlar only creation with a level IIIA protection rating. The MICH helmet is specifically designed to withstand the 9mm and 44 MAG bullets, as well as blunt force attacks. It provides a little more room around the wearer's ears for communications devices to be used with it. Original design specifications included a brim and a lower cut, but modern styles have done away with these for a smoother, easier to wear user experience. The Ops-Core Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) Helmet, also known as the FAST helmet, with a highest hear cut. It is a combat helmet that is used by special forces units seeking to use an alternative headgear while trading some ballistic protection for comfortable headwear to use.




But for most people who have some knowledge of ballistic helmets, they are usually for stopping bullets. Actually, besides stopping bullets, they are mainly used to provide safety from impact. For most soldiers and service members deployed overseas, this is not a grave concern. For Law Enforcement and Security personnel, this is very important. Cops and Security Forces are just as likely, or more likely to encounter impact weapons, thrown projectiles and other head strike hazards as they are likely to encounter gunfire. Having the safety and security of a bullet proof helmet, that will also provide impact protection is critical.

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