Classification of firearms

We all know that firearms can be divided into many kinds based on different classification standards, which makes the classification of firearms confusing. Now let's talk about the different categories of firearms based on the Firearms Manual compiled by the Ministry of Weapons Industry in 1985.

According to the Firearms Manual, firearms can be divided into seven categories, including pistols, submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, large caliber machine guns, sport guns and other firearms, among which pistols, submachine guns and rifles are the most commonly used. Next, I will introduce them in turn.




1. Pistols

Pistols are all "oblique L" form, and mainly used at close range. Most pistols are semi-automatic, without butt. When used, they should be held with one or both hands, and the users’ heads are not allowed to touch their shoulders. In addition, due to the small size and short barrel, pistols are inferior to rifles and submachine guns in the accuracy, power and range of fire, but as pistols are convenient to carry and hide, officers and policemen always use them for self-defense on their duty.

2. Submachine Guns

The submachine gun is a kind of automatic weapon for firing pistol bullets with a shape of “π”. Most submachine guns have butts which can be put on the shoulder to facilitate the shootings. Generally, they can achieve single and continuous firing.

Here we have to talk about rifles, which are very similar to submachine guns in shape, shooting action and historical origin. Many people are confused about the difference between them. In fact, quite many submachine guns are modified from rifles, but slightly smaller than rifles. The most obvious difference between them is the bullets used by them-- submachine guns are usually loaded with less powerful pistol bullets, while the rifles usually use more powerful rifle bullets. Correspondingly, the magazine of the submachine gun is slimmer than that of the rifle. Unlike other firearms, submachine guns have a very short history as the main weapon for battle. They were born in World War I and became popular at a rapid rate. They were once designated as "big killers" by the Allies, and were forbidden to be produced by Germany. However, assault rifles, an ideal new weapon, appeared in World War II, surpassed submachine rifles in many parameters, gradually replacing the full-scale submachine guns, which was comparable in weight and length to rifles.

3. Rifles

Literally, rifles are guns for infantry use. Firearms used by infantry, whether short rifles, non-automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles, carbines or sniper rifles, are all classified as rifles.

Rifles, as the most common firearms, have a wide range of types. According to the automation degree, they can be divided into non-automatic rifles and automatic rifles. For example, when using the common non-automatic sniper rifle, the shooter needs to make a pull before every shot.

Above is all the introduction. If there are still some questions, welcome to contact us.

If there are still some questions, welcome to contact us.

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