Escalation of Sri Lanka explosion ---another three explosions occurred on April 26th

Recently, the explosion in Sri Lanka has been the public focus. This serial bombing began at April 21th and has caused heavy causalities, becoming a lingering shadow in Sri Lanka's history.

On the 26th, there was another terrorist bombing attack. Three explosions occurred in the eastern Sri Lankan city of Karmuna. An informed source revealed the criminals were fully armed and the police exchanged fierce fire with them, causing 15 deaths. So far, the number of victims has been rising. Sri Lankan authorities have reduced the death toll from 320 to about 359 as the identity of the victims is uncertain.




Next day, Sri Lanka's President announced the banning of local extremist organizations NTJ and JMI under the new emergency decree, whose property will be impounded by the government. Police raided NTJ's headquarters in Kattankudy in the east the next day. The two local groups were suspected by the Sri Lankan government of being behind the Easter bomb explosion. On the same day, the extremist group Islamic State (IS) announced responsibility for the series of terrorist attacks, which they said were in retaliation for European countries'military operations in the Middle East and previous shootings against Muslims in New Zealand.

With the deepening investigation of the serial bombings in Sri Lanka, more information about the attackers was revealed to the public. Indian media have recently revealed that Zahran Hashem, the chief planner of the serial bombing, had been in India for a long time, and a suicide bomber had traveled to India twice, and It is likely that they had received training there. It is noteworthy that in this series of attacks, two suicide bombers were identified as the sons of a rich spice merchant in Colombo. It is said that the two men have a terrorist group in their family. The wife and two children of one of them ignited explosives while police were investigating, and three died instantly. The parents of the two attackers remain unaccounted for.

So far, there have been more than 10 explosions in Sri Lanka, which have killed at least 359 people, and the police have arrested about 70 suspects.

Hopefully, Sri Lanka can regain its calm after the bombing, that all terrorists can be brought to justice and that innocent victims can rest in peace.



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