How does bulletproof glass work?


When it comes to bullet-proof equipment, we may first think of bullet-proof vests, bullet-proof insert board, bullet-proof helmet, bullet-proof shield and so on. Few people have heard of bullet-proof face plate. Indeed, compared with the bullet-proof helmet, the bullet-proof face plate seems to be less widely used in practice than other bullet-proof equipment, but it often appears in various military security activities. The bullet-proof face plate is mainly used for avoiding or reducing the bullet or explosive debris damage to the wearer's face in the course of battle.




Before the emergence of bullet-proof face plates, people used a mask to protect their faces. The earliest ones were made of metal. Usually only the eyes were hollowed out for observing the external situation. Although this kind of masks can provide some protection for the wearer, it is conceivable that their weight and visual field limitations also bring many inconveniences to the wearer.

With the development of material science and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for bullet-proof equipment, this kind of bullet-proof mask has gradually been eliminated and replaced by a new type of bullet-proof face plate. The bullet-proof face plate is a protective device which can absorb and dissipate the energy of the warhead, prevent penetration and effectively protect the human face. Its appearance is transparent and does not affect normal observation. Compared with the bullet-proof mask, this kind of bullet-proof face plate has undergone essential changes in appearance and material quality. From the aspect of shape, the bullet-proof face plate is an arc-shaped sheet structure, because it is usually made of transparent material and will not affect the sight, so it does not need the hollow-out design of the eye, and the protection area is larger. In addition, the use of high-performance material improves the protection performance at the same time. The weight of the face plate is greatly reduced, and its emergence also brings great convenience to various military operations.




Nevertheless, considering the wearer's load-bearing problem, a bullet-proof face plate only has the highest protection capability against pistol bullets. In addition, the bullet-proof face plate needs to be combined with the helmet. Generally speaking, a helmet capable of defending against 7.62 mm AK47 bullet strength, weighing about 1.5-2 kg, which plus the weight of a bullet-proof face plate is a big challenge to the neck of the wearer who needs to wear a bullet-proof helmet and mask for a long time. In other words, the bullet-proof mask will be close to or even touch the butt when the soldier is aiming, which may cause some interference to the soldier's shooting. This is also the reason why the application of bullet-proof face plate in the military field is not as extensive as other bullet-proof equipment.

Of course, sometimes facial protection is also necessary in order to cope with some special battle scenarios with higher danger level. At this time, more comprehensive protection is often needed.

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