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NIJ III M88 Bulletproof Helmet

NIJ III M88 bulletproof helmet of Newtech Armor is NIJ 0106.01 qualified with a protection level of III.

This helmet is made of UHMW-PE. Helmets are available in a number of sizes and protective areas to fit customers of different shapes.

The paint-coat depends on customers.

Product Features:

  • NIJ Level III, can resist 7.62 x 39 mm AK47 from a distance of 200 meters
  • Made of UHMW-PE
  • With bigger protective area.
  • Paint-coats with different colors are available

Defense Level:

This helmet can provide a protection of III in accordance with NIJ standard-0106.01 (Test report available). It can stop 7.62 x 39 mm AK47 Lead Core from 200 meters away and any lesser threats.

Threats Defeated:

7.62 x 39 mm AK47 Lead Core (from 200 meters away)

9 mm Para FMJ (at the regular testing distance)


Helmet Parameters:

Name: NIJ III M88 Bulletproof Helmet

Series: M88 P3-L

Standard:NIJ 0106.01 Level III

Material: UHMW-PE

Size: L

Head Circle: 57 - 58 cm 

Weight: ~2.6 kg / 4.30 lb

Suspension: Traditional suspension.

Other optional accessories: Tactical rail, bulletproof mask.

Color: Grey, Blue, Black, Camouflage, etc.

(Style and color of jackets and the print content up on custom design is possible)

Warranty: The protective inserts are guaranteed a service life of 5 years from date of issue.



                       PASGT Bulletproof Helmet

M88 Bulletproof Helmet


                         PASGT Bulletproof Helmet

M88 Bulletproof Helmet

                        PASGT Bulletproof Helmet

M88 Bulletproof Helmet


M88 Bulletproof Helmet

Target Users:

NIJ III M88 bullet-proof helmet are designed to stop rifle bullets. With a larger protective area, it can protect the shooters, drivers or soldiers from the hitting of rifles effectively, greatly enhancing the wearers’ survivability in the battlefield. Helmets with different sizes are available to adapt the needs of wears of various shapes.

Please contact us immediately, if you want to buy/customize our products, or learn more about them, and we will feedback within one business day.


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NIJ III M88 Bulletproof Helmet