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NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Briefcase Shield

The Bulletproof Briefcase Shield -NIJ IIIA can provide a protection level of IIIA in accordance to NIJ standard-0101.06.

This shield is made of UHMW-PE (Test report available). It has a large area which can provide the users with a comprehensive protection, and the special foldable design allows it to be folded into a portable briefcase, which is convenient to carry and keep.

Adjustments can be made on shields in line with customer’s need.

Product Features:

  • NIJ Level IIIA, stable and excellent protection capability, can resist hand guns.
  • Can be quickly turned into a portable briefcase and unfold into a full body length ballistic shield consisting of three bulletproof plates.
  • Water and fire proof with the black nylon finish.

Defense Level:

This shield is NIJ 0101.06 certificated with a protection level of IIIA (Test report available). It can resist 9 mm Para FMJ & .44 Magnum JHP and lesser threats.

V50 value: 600 m/s

Threats Defeated:

9mm Para FMJ / Round Nose (RN)

.44 Magnum JHP

                                        NIJ Level IIIA defend threats

Shield Parameters:

Name: Bulletproof Briefcase Shield -NIJ IIIA

Series: CBS48100-3A

Standard: NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA

Material: UHMW-PE

Shape: Flat

Dimension of panel (W × H × T): 45 × 32.5 × 0.8 cm / 17.7’ × 12.8’ × 0.3’

Dimension of shield (W × H × T): 48 × 100 × 0.8 cm / 18.9’ × 39.4’ × 0.3’

Weight: < 4.5 KG / 9.9 LB
Accessories: Nylon handle, rapid deformation mechanism

Finish: Black nylon fabric

(Style and print content up to customers)




Bulletproof Briefcase Shield - NIJ IIIA

                          Bulletproof Briefcase Shield - NIJ IIIA



Target Users:

This shield can resist gun attack. 2 handles on the back facilitate both left-handed or right-handed users. Armed with this shield, state organs, such as military, special police forces, homeland security, border protection agencies, and immigration control agency can get better protection while performing their duties.

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