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NIJ IIIA .44 Bulletproof T-shirt

This T-shirt is NIJ 0101.06 qualified with a protection level of IIIA.

This shirt consists two parts, bulletproof insert and a high-elastic T-shirt. The high elasticity makes the insert stick the body tightly, which make it much more comfortable to wear. In addition, with such a high elasticity, this T-shirt can fit various body shapes well.

Adjustments can be made on the T-shirts in line with customer’s need.

Product Features:

  • NIJ Level IIIA, stable and excellent protection capability against guns.
  • Interlayer: stable performance, longer service life, better water and hot proof capacity.
  • Can be hidden under a coat
  • More comfortable to wear with the high elasticity
  • Fit different body shapes well

Defense Level:

This Ballistic Vest is NIJ 0101.06 certificated with a protection level of IIIA (Test report available). It can resist the attack of 9 mm FMJ, .44 MAGNUM JHP, and any less threats.

Threats Defeated:

9mm FMJ / Round Nose (RN)

.44 Magnum JHP

                                    NIJ Level IIIA defend threats

Vest Parameters:

Name: NIJ IIIA .44 Bulletproof T-shirt

Series: CBT-3A4402L

Standard: NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA .44 Magnum JHP


Protecting inserts: UHMW-PE

Thickness: ~10 mm / 0.3'

Jacket: High elastic fabric;

Proportion & Weight:

Color: White.

(Style and color of jackets and the print content up on custom design is possible)

Warranty: The protective inserts are guaranteed a service life of 5 years from date of issue.

(Vests of other styles and functions are also available)

                          Bulletproof T-shirt










Target users:

This T-shirt can resist the attack of large caliber pistols, providing full protection for people, especially for the staff of special police forces, homeland security, border protection agencies, and even individuals who live with gun threat. High electricity enables it to fit any body shape well.
Please contact us immediately, if you want to buy/customize our products, or learn more about them, and we will feedback within one business day.



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NIJ IIIA .44 Bulletproof T-shirt

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